Make The Call: Tell the DNC to host a #ClimateDebate

Make Your Call

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    Call the Democratic National Committee (DNC) now to demand a #ClimateDebate, then tell us how it goes.

    It's time for a #ClimateDebate! The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is refusing to host a climate debate, despite hundreds of thousands of petition signers and 21 presidential candidates calling for one.

    We are banding together with our allies – and thousands of supporters like you – to fight back against this misguided decision and to show just how strong and energized our movement is. 

    A climate debate give the time needed to press candidates beyond the usual platitudes and seek out specific details of their plans to tackle Big Oil, Gas, and Coal and ensure a just transition to clean energy. The DNC needs to give this critical issue the time and depth of discussion it deserves.

    If the phone lines are busy, or the office is closed, please leave a message. You can reach the voicemail immediately by pressing the * button.  If the voicemail is full, try calling back later. You can also tweet at @TheDemocrats with the hashtag #ClimateDebate and/or fill out the DNC webform.