Tell DNC Members: Vote YES for a Climate Debate

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The Democratic National Committee must hold a Democratic 2020 presidential primary debate focused on climate action. I urge you to fully support a DNC-sanctioned presidential primary debate focused specifically on the climate crisis, and to vote YES when it comes up for a vote.

The next president of the United States must be prepared to take bolder, faster climate action than any leader has before. We need to hear detailed plans from candidates on how they will confront the climate crisis.

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    The DNC must make climate change a priority in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and hold a climate-focused debate.

    Under intense pressure from grassroots activists, 21 presidential candidates, and even its own membership, the DNC's Executive Committee voted to reevaluate the #ClimateDebate issue and put it to a vote. That means we have just a few weeks to put the pressure on DNC members to make the right decision. We need the DNC to give this critical issue the time and depth of discussion it deserves.

    So far, Tom Perez and the DNC have refused to hold a climate debate. So, we've banded together with our allies – and thousands of supporters like you – to fight back against this misguided decision and to show just how strong and energized our movement is. 

    A climate debate will leave room to take the time needed to press candidates beyond the usual platitudes and seek out specific details of their plans to tackle Big Oil, Gas, and Coal and ensure a just transition to clean energy. Unless we pressure the DNC to prioritize this issue, we know that it will just be more of the same: one or two token debate questions on climate change, and not enough time for concrete answers.

    Keep the pressure on. Tell members of the DNC to fully support a Climate Debate, and to vote YES.