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I'm writing to urge you to strongly oppose any bailout for the fossil fuel industry, as the nation grapples with the coronavirus and oil price shocks.

The fossil fuel industry already receives billions of dollars in wasteful taxpayer subsidies each year. Adding more to that pile would be an indefensible use of funds desperately needed by workers and communities. This unprecedented situation calls for immediate relief to those most impacted on the frontlines of the current economic and public health crisis, and for investment in the future to build a just, resilient recovery — not to prop up the dirty energy systems of the past.

That's why I'm urging you to strongly oppose any sort of bailout for the fossil fuel industry.

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    For the past month, Congress has been discussing multiple stimulus packages that would prioritize Big Oil and Wall Street over Americans who need immediate relief from the impacts of COVID-19. This may not be a surprise, but it’s still outrageous.

    Though the long-term impacts of COVID-19 are still unclear, tens of millions of Americans are hurting, right now. Industry and service workers, small-businesses, and marginalized communities are facing a mounting economic crisis, while workers on the frontlines like those in healthcare and food service are battling a public health emergency while facing shortages of necessary protective medical equipment.

    Yet in the midst of crisis, the fossil fuel industry continues to lobby the Trump administration and members of Congress, desperately pleading for a bailout to line the pockets of Big Oil executives. They’re hoping to open up a $4.5 trillion emergency relief fund to bail out coal, oil, and gas companies. They’re also lobbying Congress to divert $3 billion — which could be used for desperately needed COVID-19 relief — toward the purchase of oil for the national Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    Join us in flooding Capitol Hill with a clear message: When it comes to an oil industry bailout, we say ABSOLUTELY NOT.